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The Holder reserves the right to update, to modify or to eliminate at any time the contents of the Site or to limit temp or definitively his access, without bearing responsibility some for that reason. –
The Holder does not take responsibility by the possible discrepancies or inaccuracies that can arise from the information published in other sites with which has bonds or of the impossibility to accede to them, nor of the consequences that derive from the exchange of information offered to the Users through its pages, nor of the benefit of services in them offered to the Users. –
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The articles, notes, interviews and commentaries published in the Site express exclusively the opinion of their authors, who entirely assume the legal responsibility that is incumbent on to them and do not jeopardize in way some to Titular. –

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All the content of the Site, including - without limitation- information, software, services on line, etc. (the Contents) available into and through Site must be exclusively used under the strict observance of these terms and conditions. Any non-authorized use of the Site or the Contents is prohibited.-
The Holder reserves the right to investigate violations to the Terms and Conditions of the Service and to establish all action that he considers advisable against who is responsible including, without being limited, denouncing before the competent organisms or to a third any activity considered illegal or clandestine and to reveal any necessary or useful information for these organisms or people related to personal cards, directions of electronic mails, file, sent material, IP directions and traffic information of the users. –

The user accepts that the Content, the Site, as well as its graphical design and codes, logotypes, images, software, etc., are protected by the laws that regulate the Intellectual Property (Law 11,723 and its modifications), Brands (Law 22,362) and the Patents (24,481 and modifying ones), reason why the violation of these rights is a crime punished by the law and will be persecuted judicially.–
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It is prohibited the creation of the link www.rprsabogados.com y www.rprsabogados.com.ar, partial or totally, as thus also its inclusion in commercial data bases, without the written authorization of the Holder.–
If you wish to link the Site, you must ask for an application to the Holder at jrpizarro@.rprsabogados.com.ar, who can accept it or even reject it. If accepted, you will be notified of the terms and conditions in which it was conceded.-

In no case the Holder will be responsible for the damages that could be caused by impossibility of use or lack of some of the parts of the Site, or by mistake, omission, interruption, defect, delay of transmission, or fail of the system.–
The Holder does not assume responsibility some by the information contained in pages Web of a third at which can be acceded by links or searhcers of the site. The presence of links in the pages Web of the Site have a merely informative purpose and in no case it supposes their suggestion, invitation or recommendation.–
Although the Holder makes all the efforts to guarantee that all the programs and documents that can be downloaded of the Site do not contain virus, he cannot guarantee that the material does not contain virus. The Holder is not responsible of any loss or damage caused by the Site, its connected contents and codes, including virus. –

This Site may contain warnings and sponsorships. The advertisers, warning devices and sponsorship are responsible to assure that the material including in the Site is trustworthy and that it does not contravene the applicable legal ordering. All correspondence, commercial treatment or participation in promotions of advertisers, warning devices and sponsorships that are carried out into the Site or through the Site, including the payment and the delivery or benefit of the goods and services at issue, are exclusively responsibility of these advertisers, warning devices and sponsorships. The Holder is not responsible by any act either arbitrary or illegal omission of the advertisers, warning devices and sponsorship, nor of any mistake or breach

The Holder reserves the right to modify the settled down Terms and General Conditions in the present warning, in order to adapt them to new legal, jurisprudencial, technical requirements or to all those that allow to offer better services and accesses to the contents, so it is advised to review these norms periodically. –

The Terms and Conditions of this legal warning will have to be interpreted according to the Argentine laws, being under the jurisdiction of the Ordinary Courts of the city of Buenos Aires, any derived or related controversy. -

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