Jorge C. Resqui Pizarro (the Holder) informs the Users of www.rprsabogados.com y www.rprsabogados.com.ar (the Site) about the policy of protection of the personal data of the Site, so they can freely accept if they wish to give personal data by the use of the on line services.-
This privacy statement implies the compilation and use of the User data by the Holder.
The Holder hereby agrees to protect the Users privacy, developing a safe and trustable cyberspace.

In the Site, personal information to the Users could be required with the purpose of coming to its recording to accede and to receive information of the Site, in any format; to facilitate participation in aids, drawings, surveys; to offer or to receive suggestions; and to offer the benefit to them of other services in the Site. The Site will be able to treat, to store, to collect, to distribute, to update or to yield the personal data of the Users. –
It is understood that in case the Users provide their personal data, they accept and lend consent so that these personal data are used with the purposes stated above, being able to be treated, to be stored, to be compiled, distributed or yielded. –
If, however, the Users refused to provide their data or offered inexact data, they will not be able to subscribe to the information services nor to use the Site beneficially. –

In order to provide a suitable protection of the personal data, the Holder guarantees a treatment in accordance with established in Law 25,326 of Protection of Personal Data and other applicable norm. –
The treatment of the personal data by the Holder has the purpose of fortifying the relation with the Users by means of the improvement and update of the service, design of new services and sending of information. –
The Users accept that the Holder may file personal data or any other data for future references, or discards that information partially or totally after being used. –
The Users allow specifically that the Holder may use personal data for internal and external marketing, as well as for promotional aims. –

The Holder agrees to protect the collected personal data of the Users. The Site counts on suitable physical, electronic procedures, to safeguard, to avoid the nonauthorized access, to maintain the precision and to assure the correct use the personal data of the Users. –

The Users have the right of access, rectification, update or suppression of their personal data, at any moment. –
The Users may ask for a copy of their personal data and make use of the mentioned rights sending an e-mail to info@rprsabogados.com.ar, giving the information of the personal user and password, in order to corroborate the identity.

The minor ones can not understand properly these Policies of Privacy, nor decide validly on the options available for adult Users. The Holder carefully urges to all the parents or representatives or adults under whose supervision the minors accede to the Site active participation in the activities that the minor makes in Internet, to the services in line which these minors use, to the information to whom they accede, and to teach them how to protect his own personal data while they are in line. –
The minors of 18 years will not have to send to the Site no personal data type without the previous consent of their parents or representatives. They could not either be registered in the Site by its account, and they could only be registered by its parents or representatives. –

The Site may use cookies. The cookies are small archives that the Site places in the hard disk of the Users for identification aims. These archives will be used from the first opportunity in which the Users visit the site for registry aims, avoiding the necessity to register itself whenever the Site is visited. The cookies cannot read data outside the hard disk and they are associated solely with the navigator of a determined computer, without providing in case the full name of the user. –
The Users have the possibility of forming their navigator to be warned in screen of the reception of cookies and to prevent the installation of cookies in their hard disk. It is recommended to the Users to consult the navigator manuals for better information. –
The information compiled by the cookies is used exclusively by the Holder in order to elaborate statistics that allow to determine the amount and frequency of visits to the Site. The statistical information is used internally for the development of new products and, in general, to improve the Site service. –

The Holder reserves the right to modify the established Policies of Privacy in the present, in order to adapt them to new legislative, jurisprudenciales, technical requirements or to those that may allow to offer better services and access to the contents, so it is suggested to review these norms periodically. –

CONTACT If there is any question about the stated Policies of Privacy, Users may send an e-mail to info@rprsabogados.com.ar.-

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